* Watch our video with tune and performance by Juno Nominated SONSHINE + BROCOLLI! 


Together, let's have fun with our kids while instilling the importance of:


Charity + Compassion - You and your child will donate part of this #kidkit to your choice of one of 3 charities, enabling another child to share in the experience.


Awareness of Human Differences + Similarities - Your child will learn more about other children who have differences and similarities to them, and how having feelings unites us all.


Recognizing + Regulating Emotions - Through a fun craft, you and your child will learn and practice a new self-regulation strategy for managing big feelings!


Empathy + Kindness - Your #kidkit includes a second set of materials for you and your child to send to a charity, allowing another child - who experiences big feelings like all of us - to complete the same craft.


*A portion of the proceeds from this kit will also be donated to the affiliated charities.

C.A.R.E. #KidKit Encouraging Kindness, Compassion and Giving Back!


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