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coaching for parents and kids


We are passionate about making a positive difference to the lives of children and parents.

Social Circle began in 2018, driven by a passion for helping parents and children live their best lives. Through coaching, group programs, and play-based kits teaching social and emotional intelligence, our goal was to help parents raise confident and resilient little humans… all while making parenting just a little bit easier and loads more fun!


But like so many other businesses, Covid-19 dramatically affected our vision and ability to carry out our goals in the way we had planned. Without the ability to go into schools and homes, we were not able to work directly with kids and families in the way we had imagined. 


The onset of the pandemic also strengthened the divide between privileged and underprivileged families, which caused our goals and priorities to change. We wanted to spend more of our energy on helping less fortunate children and parents. And so… the new version of Social Circle hatched.


Our main focus is to develop charitable initiatives to support young families. As our mandate has always been, we are committed to making a positivite difference to the lives of parents and children.

About Us


Emily & Alyssa  

As two moms and close friends, we are passionate about adding and spreading kindness in the world. With young children of our own, we know firsthand about the emotional, physical, and financial strains of parenting. Not only do we want to support other parents and families, we also want to take part in raising a generation of humans who are giving, compassionate, and kind.  Together Emily and Alyssa have specialized training and expertise in parenting and child development. 

Our Approach


With the help of our incredible Circle of support, we fundraise to help young families who are living with various financial or health-related struggles. Our initiatives range from pop-up events and match-a-thons to product donations and cyber campaigns.

We also accept pro-bono Parent Coaching clients who are struggling with their children’s social, emotional, or behavioural skills at home.


 It’s not easy doing what you do. Through Parent Coaching, we want to encourage and support moms, dads, and caregivers who are figuring out this parenting thing as they go. And let’s be honest – we all are. We can help you employ powerful strategies and methods to guide you toward the family life you want to have.


  • We are always open to new concepts + collaborations! Approach us with any fundraising ideas you might have!

  • If you or someone you know is struggling with parenting + may not have the resources to pay for coaching sessions, please let us know and we can help out. *If you do have the resources and are looking for some support via Parent Coaching, book here.

  • Donate or participate in our fundraising initiatives when you can! See our current fundraising efforts.

Our Programs


“Alyssa and Emily: thank you for running such an innovative and valuable program! J. had the best time and loved coming every week. We have seen such a difference in his ability to acknowledge his feelings and resolve conflict with his siblings! We are so grateful to you!” 




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